Photo Gallery: Flood Barrier

The pictures are of a Control Panel we designed to control an automatic flood barrier system.

These control Panels have to be suitable for permanent outdoor use and operate totally autonomously.

Each Control Panel includes a Hydraulic System, Pneumatic System, Battery Backup Power supply System and Electrical Control Panel.

The Control Panel raises/lowers the Flood Barrier Hydraulically, inflates/deflates the Barrier Seals Pneumatically and sends SMS text messages regulary to inform remote personel of any impending problems, to ensure the system is always ready to operate in the event of a flood.

The whole system is operated by a signal from a water level sensor which automatically raises the barrier in the event of a flood, this can also operate a verbal warning and traffic barriers if required.

Peter Wright Associates have recently designed a more complex unit which can operate two barriers and has full system backup with duplicate systems with automatic change over.

We have now successfully completed Flood Barrier Projects for the following locations: Wakefield Waterfront, Bord Gais Enegy Theatre Dublin, Kimmel (NYC), Buncefield Oil Storage Depot (ATEX), McVities Carlise, and Egger Hexham.

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Flood Barrier Local Control Unit Flood Barrier Local Control Unit

Flood Barrier Local Control Unit ControlsFlood Barrier Local Control Unit Controls