Photo Gallery: SLUSH PUPPiE

The pictures are of various projects that we have completed for SLUSH PUPPiE since September 2008.

We were originally approached to redesign an existing pneumatically operated control panel for a Frozen Carbonated Beverage Machine. During the process, various options were discussed and it was decided to totally redesign the actual machine which would incorporate the controls.

This involved designing many new components and assemblies including a CO2 operated BRIX Pump, inlet manifold, tank parts, machine panels manufactured in steel and vacuum formed plastic and the control system. This eventually evolved into a PLC based system with an operator interface which displays error messages and allows various parameters to be adjusted.

Since this initial project, we have sucessfully designed various structures for outside points of sale, standard machine modifications, various serving cups and machine trolleys.

We have also designed new production machinery including a 4 x 5 litre bottle packing machine and a complete new control system for an existing 5 x 5 litre bottle filling machine.

In mid 2010, we were asked to Project Manage SLUSH PUPPiE's total factory relocation, this involved the design of the new factory layout and working with various suppliers to ensure the project was successfully completed on time.

We have been involved in many projects for SLUSH PUPPiE including the following: Bag in Box auto filling line, 5 Litre Bottle filling Line, Robot Palletizer, New FCB machine, New FUB Machine, various serving machine modifications and POS.

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Slush Puppie Carbonated Machine Slush Puppie Theme Park Machine

Slush Puppie Auto Fill and CoverSlush Puppie Vertical Machine